Autotrol 760 Logix Controller

Autotrol 760 Logix Controller
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The timer works on Autotrol Performa valves.

Some of the features of the metered, on-demand 760 Logix controller are: · Regeneration Type is on Demand
· Filter Capacity is 3 or 5-cycle
· Calendar is 99-day Override

· Manual Regeneration is immediate, delayed and double immediate · Unit includes adjustable regeneration time option
· Cycle times are computer calculated
· Remote-mount Faceplate up to 50ft. away

· Adjustable salt amount (3 options) high-capacity, standard capacity, high-efficiency · 7-cycle High-efficiency regeneration sequence is standard
· Adjustable consumer lock-out is standard
· Super Capacitor Time/Date Back-Up 8-hour

· Reserve Type is 28-day variable
· Capacity Remaining Display is standard
· 99-year EEPROM memory retention is standard · Water Usage Display is Standard
· Displays Current Flow Rate History Value

The timer does not include a transformer (indoor and outdoor transformers are available separately). 

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