Fleck 5600 12-Day Clock **RECONDITIONED**

Fleck 5600 12-Day Clock **RECONDITIONED**
Fleck 5600 12-Day Clock **RECONDITIONED**
Product Code: Fleck 5600 12-Day Clock **RECONDITIONED**
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Listing includes:
fully reconditioned valve

upper basket.

Reconditioned Fleck Valves have been gone through completely and are tested before they are sent out. Parts that are typically replaced include: piston assembly, seal spacer kit, brine piston, motor, injectors, all seals/o-rings, and any broken or damaged gears.

  •   MUST SPECIFY 24V OR 110V MOTOR - If no Motor is chosen 110v will be sent.

  •   110v Power Cord is not included if choosing 110v Motor but is available to order separately.

  •   24v Transformer not included if choosing 24v Motor - May be purchased separately

  •   Items NOT included - Valve Cover, Bypass, Manual, Yoke, Brine Fittings.

  •   Valve pictured in this listing is the L-Bracket style valve and the valve sent may not look like the valve pictured - these valves are reconditioned not new so the cosmetic appearance varies on stock.

The difference between the "L" Bracket and traditional valve is purely cosmetic (The main difference is they use different weather covers - the traditional valve cover will not fit on the L bracket valve and the L bracket cover will not fit on traditional valve), other than that they operate and connect exactly the same.

The riser size is either 1.05" or 13/16" outside diameter, you may request a size and it will be shipped if we have it in stock. If no riser size is chosen we will ship what we have in stock.

If you want a certain valve (traditional style or L bracket style) you may request it, but we cannot guarantee it will be shipped - our stock varies and if no valve style is selected we will ship whichever is in stock.

30 Day Warranty Included against Defects on parts that were replaced - Buyer is responsible for the return shipping on defects or valve problems that require it to be sent back.

This is a reconditioned (used) valve (seals and wearable parts have been replaced, but the valve body and majority of valve is used so we cannot guarantee the valve body, top plate, or parts that were not replaced against any defects since it is used).

All valves are wet tested & pressurized before they are sent out to ensure they do not leak. VALVE INFORMATION

  • ·  Reduces water to drain 29 gallons per regeneration

  • ·  Mechanical Meter monitors water usage even during power failure and initiates regeneration only when needed

  • ·  6 cycle adjustable downflow brining controls

  • ·  Constructed of Noryl

  • ·  Flow rates up to 24 gpm 

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