268 Rebuild Kit (440i/460i/460TC)

268 Rebuild Kit (440i/460i/460TC)
Product Code: 268 Rebuild Kit (440i/460i/460TC)
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The Rebuilt kit is to be used on an Autotrol 268 Performa Valve that is set up with a 440i, 460i, or 460tc Timer.
Please note: This rebuild kit will not work on your 268 performa valve if it has a Logix timer (760,762,740,742) timer because the brine refill controller is different. This kit is also available in our store.
If you are unsure which rebuild kit you need please email us so we can help you purchase the correct rebuild kit.
If you need a different size injector (different color) or a different Backwash controller please let us know at check out and if they are available we will switch them out - The sizes that are included will work fine on 8", 9", and 10" tanks and there is no need to use different parts.

This listing for Rebuild Kit Includes the following: Qty 1 - Set of Performa Flapper Valves
Qty 1 - Injector Cap
Qty 1 - Brine Injector (Light Blue)

Qty 1 - Screen Assembly
Qty 1 - Brine Refill Control (Salt Dial 3-19lb) Qty 1 - Backwash controller Plug #10
Qty 2 - Flow Control Balls 

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